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5 Quickies – December 2013

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Presented for your perusal are a quick look at a handful of places that I enjoy located in and around the greater Los Angeles area. They’re locations are pretty well spread out, so I would recommend devoting a day to each one or at least taking a moment to stop by should you find yourself in the area.

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Somewhere on Sunset between Fountain and Hillhurst.

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Taking the Metro is my preferred method of travel for exploring Los Angeles. This post continues that trend. Escaping the heart of downtown LA via Metro bus line 2 or taking the Metro Red Line—underground and faster—brings you to an intersection of interesting landmarks that could be easily overlooked if one were driving through this particular area. There is nothing flashy or anything that particular stands out here, but there are indeed some hidden gems.

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Downtown LA’s Ticket Trap Hero

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Courtesy of KCET: The story of one man’s obsession with a particular street sign at the corner of 7th and Broadway and the results of his actions. I won’t spoil the video for you, but I will say: The next time you’re driving around Downtown Los Angeles and  find yourself at the corner of 7th and Broadway, give thanks to this man.

Downtown LA: Down for an adventure?

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Chris Ventura 003a
St. Vincent Court

What kind of ground can you cover in downtown Los Angeles and what new places can you discover just randomly hopping around with an adventurous friend at your side? Apparently: lots. Read the rest of this entry »

All aboard or all a bust? LA Streetcar could fizzle out.

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Proposed route.
Courtesy of: “We Want Streetcar”

A new way to get around downtown—by streetcar? That’s what a governing board of local business owners, private investors, and district representatives would like to see as an option downtown. The idea is to create a streetcar that will loop around downtown Los Angeles and connect various neighborhoods, businesses, cultural centers, shopping plazas and entertainment venues with one another via a fixed-route streetcar. It’s argued that such a system will benefit residents and visitors alike as well as boost development in the area. As of this fall, the project is faced with a huge budget gap. Also, the area is already served by many other transit alternatives. How do you feel? Is this a good idea or a waste of tax dollars?

Official LA Streetcar Website

L.A.’s Chinatown

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Which way to go? Chinatown offers a dizzying array of offerings.

In my previous post, we took a look at the growing area of Little Tokyo near Downtown Los Angeles. Today, we’ll head north a bit. A few city blocks up and only a few stops away from Little Tokyo via Metro’s Gold Line is Los Angeles’ Chinatown–an older and even more immersible cultural experience than that of LIttle Tokyo. Here, you’ll find lots of plazas, malls, courtyards and streets lined with shops. Let’s have a closer look. First, though, a little history. Read the rest of this entry »

$5 buys you a chauffeur for a day! Avoid parking hassles.

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Did you know that for just $5, you can obtain a day pass that will give you unlimited access to all Metro bus, rail, and subway lines? Forget the hassles of finding or paying for parking while you explore Los Angeles. Many Metro stations provide customer parking for free or at low-cost.


When I come to visit L.A., I often leave from El Monte Station in the San Gabriel Valley and ride the Silver Line (included when you buy a day pass) that gets me downtown quicker than by car—typically in 20-25 minutes. Connecting Metro Rail lines through downtown serve destinations such as Culver City, Pasadena, North Hollywood and Long Beach. Get to know the system and come out and explore L.A. for a day, the Metro way!

Metro system maps

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